I am asked many times about the development of my business.  Many couples are curious about how I started and where I get all of my great ideas.  My answer is always that I began my company with a wonderful idea from a beautiful bride and it continues every day with wonderful ideas from beautiful bride’s to be (and some grooms). 

The summer of 2007, I received a phone call from what turned out to be my first bride, Angie.  Angie was newly engaged and full of questions.  I had always wanted to become a wedding planner but never actually thought that I could start a business on my own, however I did want to help Angie out.  We had our first meeting and I showed up with a pad of paper... nothing else.  How Angie gave me her trust I don't know how but I am soooo happy that she did.  

Angie was my little guinea pig and a total inspiration.  We created many packages together, we created my logo, and we even decided that I should do her decorations as well as her planning.  Angie was my little saint... that was until I got her phone call that changed my life.  

Throughout my entire planning process with Angie I was pregnant.  I had little miss Hayley in October 2007.  In January 2008 I was beginning to figure out how to be a new mom but was so sick with the worse cold ever.  (well it wasn't that bad but it seemed bad because I hadn't slept through the night in months lol)  It was at this point that I received the call from Angie.
"Hi Jess I just wanted to let you know that you are going to do the Cerasia’s Fashion bridal tradeshow at the Best Western in North Bay on Sunday"...  I was freaking out.  I am not a decorator, how was I supposed to go to this beautiful tradeshow competing against many other wonderful companies who have been so popular in North Bay, Ontario for years.

After Angie told me everything I decided I would take a chance. 
I am SO HAPPY that I did take that chance.  I set up my first little booth with a few sample centrepieces and some little pieces of fabric.  I passed out my decoration package price lists to all of the new brides.  I was honest with the customers and told them that I had never decorated before but I gave them ideas of what I would do if I was to decorate for them on their special day. 

Well I guess my little pink booth worked because the phone calls started to come in right after the tradeshow.  Page 2 Weddings had begun. 

This January 2012 will be my 5th trade show.  P2 Weddings still has the same little booth in the same location and I still am honest with my customers.  This difference those 5 years of hard work, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, tears, and lots of Timmies is that now I have a portfolio and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

The work that my girls and I do is forever evolving.  Our designs are created with the couples personal interests in mind. Although we are the ones setting up the locations it is the couples who are the ones who spend countless hours online researching the newest styles and colours and I give them credit any time I can.  My inventory stays up to date and constantly grows because styles never change and I am in love with shopping! 

Thank you to all of my girls for helping decorate, thank you to my mom for loaning me her credit card to get started, thank you to Hayley and Hannah for being the perfect daughters and helping set up and take down almost every weekend in the summer, thank you Richie for driving me to Sudbury at 2am to take down the weddings, thank you to my girlfriends who listen to my ideas on a daily basis, thank you to everyone atApollo Gymnastics for your encouragement, and thank you to my beautiful brides and handsome grooms.  Most of all Angie, thank you for that stressful phone call that cold January day.  Thank you for pushing me to make your dream come true because in the end you have made my dream come true. 

P2 Weddings began with a bride's dream let us continue it with your dream.