Q: How do you come up with the pieces in your design collections?
A: My inspirations come from the bride's vision, classic trends balanced with the latest styles from Pintrest.  


 Join me while I turn a dining room filled with random flowers and material into the new 2013 collections.  

~my dining room floor during the creation process~ 


Step 1: Select your colour pallet and style
Step 2: Choose an Elegant Centerpiece
 Step 3: Design a beautiful vase for the bride's bouquet
$ TIP - to save money on floral arrangements use the wedding party's bouquets as decoration for the head table rather than renting centerpieces.  

Step 4: Create a one of a kind matching flower girl pail

Step 5: Choose Backdrop accent colour

Step 6: Create Matching Ceremony Decorations
Step 7: Add Soft Custom Lighting

Step 8: Create Custom Accent Pieces 


Step 9: Choose the Perfect Custom Wedding Invitation Set


Step 10: Always add a little SPaRkLe* to your wedding day

And that, my friends is how I put together the first of many P2 Wedding Featured Collections.                          
~ All products above were hand crafted by P2 Weddings ~