Where to begin with a day filled with so many beautiful sights.  
I am going to skip past the day and go straight to the best part:)

After a beautiful fall night time skate at Rockefeller Centre the voice comes over the speakers and announces that our time is up and we have to leave the ice.  In between each skating session there is a zamboni driver who cleans the ice and everyone watches.  As the rule following individual I am I begin to skate towards our VIP booth to take these skates off and warm up when Richie begins to skate over and talk to the zambonie driver asking him to not only let us on the ice to skate around by ourselves but is also asking if he would video tape it.  At this point I am horrified because I can not even imagine how many people are going to be looking at us not following the rules but I stand there because I know if Richie is making this big of a scene then somethings up :) :) :)

Finally, from what seemed like hours of waiting for Richie to talk to the friendly zamboni driver he returned with a smile saying that we can skate around three times and will be taped!!  This is exciting.    

People often ask me at what point did I know that Richie was going to propose and it was the second I heard it, the most graceful and elegant love song I have ever heard.  
Over the same speakers that only minutes ago were informing us to leave the ice are now sharing our romance with New York City!!  Jill Barber's Never Quit Loving You begins and my new life as the future Mrs Jessica Crockett is about to begin.