This year I am excited to announce that I am taking P2 Weddings to the next level. We will be introducing featured weddings where I will focus on the colour scheme and style of the wedding and upgrade all of the packages with even more accessories to make your wedding truly elegant and one that will radiate who you are and how you want people to see you as a bride.

You have completed your first step of the hiring a decorator so good job one more thing checked off your long list of things to do. :)

Planning a wedding has so many different steps and typically I am contacted immediately after you have booked the venue.

It is my job to aid you in your decision making and give you tips that I have learned throughout my years and experience decorating over 100 custom weddings.

I have attached the package and price list and general information file for you to review. For all packages, please add an additional 3 hours of wedding planning consultation so we will have more time to focus on your likes through email, Pintrest, P2 Weddings Facebook Group, and finally at your venue.

P2 Weddings offers custom bachelorette, ceremony, and reception decorations. The first step is for you to review the packages and price list. Go through the services and make notes of any questions you have. The packages are designed for typical needs of couples however we realize every wedding is different and we are proud to offer custom packages to suit every couple's needs. It is usually easier to explain ideas if you have a picture of it. If you have any pins or pictures that you have saved (including any of the ones I have already created) of ideas you would like to see for your wedding please feel free to email them to me. The second file that will be emailed to you in your initial email consultation is a general information form. Please complete this form and either email it to me or have it printed off for me for our first in person meeting.

The second step is a one hour initial consultation. P2 Weddings is a home based company where the entire family is a part of our success and initial meetings are typically hosted at my home. Wedding Planning meetings are typically scheduled Tuesday or Wednesday evenings or Monday or Wednesday mornings. The planning meeting will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and allow you to explain your vision to me. From there we create your quote. Your quote will include the information you have provided from the general information form you had previously completed and detailed descriptions of the items you have selected for your special day. The quote will also include the payment terms and other pertinent information. Your quotation is valid for 30 days from the date it was created. It is not until the deposit is received and you have been issued your receipt that you have booked your package and your date is saved. (Receipts are issued within 3 days from payment)

The major boring part of the decorating planning process is completed at this point. Now the fun part begins. From here, depending on the packages you have selected this is where I get to make you samples and you get to begin the customization process. I want every couple to be 100% happy with their decision so everything we decide on you will have the opportunity to approve or alter if you are not happy. This process is fun for me because I get to take your idea and customize it. I am addicted to shopping for decorations so I may have pieces in my collection that would look amazing with what you have asked for.

After everything has been confirmed we won't usually be in contact until about a month before the wedding. This is another fun part for me because I get to hear how all of your hard work and planning is going. At this point you can send me an email with your final numbers of guest tables, head table, and chairs. I will contact the venue approximately 3 weeks before your event to discuss the set up and take down times and will email them to you.  We can meet during the setup of you would like to see the process or if you would like it to be a surprise I will let you know the times I am setting up so you will make sure to not come in after.

Take down is included in the ceremony and reception packages, depending on the venue and the bookings, take down may be immediately after the event or the next day.

Pictures will be taken of the decorations and posted on P2 Weddings facebook page and on our other social media sites.

You will be emailed selected complimentary photos of your wedding decorations within 3 months of your wedding day.

The one aspect of P2 Weddings that sets us aside from other companies is that we are a home based business. Our family runs and operates the business and we all work together. Our children help out with simple set up and are around many times for either the planning, set up, or take down process. Five years ago I began this business while pregnant and I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am today without the motivation from the kids. Many of my couples come from blended families with children of their own. We recognize that it is often hard to get a sitter and we welcome children to your planning meetings. We want your planning process to be a smooth as possible.

I am excited to hear all of your ideas.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or to set up your initial consultation.

Take care and have fun planning!!