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Ayr Mess

- The Blue Room -

The Blue Room has a drop ceiling and allows for a twinkle light, Edison bulb, boho style swag, star style swag and anything you can dream of.  

The room is typically open on the Friday evenings for a Saturday wedding.  

Your room layout design, and set up of tables and chairs are the responsibility of the couple.  

The chairs and tables are stunning and naked tables are not only budget friendly but gorgeous. 


 Jessica Crockett, Owner / Lead Designer P2 Weddings 

Best Western

- Regency -

The Regency is a large rectangular room with drop ceiling.  The space can be divided in to different sections depending on your guest numbers and any ceiling style looks beautiful on it.  

An all in one style wedding, having a wedding at the Best Western will allow your guests to get ready in the comfort of their own hotel room, walk to the ceremony, have a cocktail in the bar area while the Best Western staff flips the room, return to the room for the reception, and finally walk to their rooms at the end of the evening.  

Room set up is the responsibility of the Best Western.  There is always a staff member on site so access to the room is any time day or night.  

The Boat

From day to night the ceiling is one of the most beautiful parts of The boat.  Illuminated with fairy lights your event will have a soft glow in to the evening.  Your guests will enjoy the views from  from the wall to wall windows.  Accent with your choice of swag, silk flowers, greenery or even more lights to customize your wedding or event collection.  

Room set up is the responsibility of The Boat who are eager to accommodate to new room layouts. 

Callander Community Centre

The rafters are so pretty to dress up and accent with your choice of ceiling canopy, twinkle lights and Edison bulbs.

This large space allows you to host both your ceremony and reception in one space.  Whether you are designing a rustic or an elegant wedding the height  of the ceilings and tall, bright windows create an open and airy space.  

The couple is responsible for designing, setting up and putting away the tables and chairs to create their own layout. You receive the key for the hall on the Friday and are able to come and go as you please throughout the weekend, returning it to the office after you have cleaned up on the Monday morning.    


Including our crystal chandeliers to an already elegant space adds that extra pop of glam and beauty.  The intricate space of Churchills allows you to create different areas for your guests to enjoy throughout the evening. Decorating the poles, the wall of widows, the centre of the room and the fireplace area brighten the space while adding personality.  

Room layout and set up are the responsibility of Churchills.  Their wedding planners will work together to design with the layout of the room.

Chief Commanda

With your continually changing backdrop, views of the scenery of beautiful Lake Nipissing, your guests will experience your ceiling and window wedding design with a variety of colour pallets. Highlighting the windows with detailed accent swags, twinkle lights and greenery garlands, your wedding will be as unique as you are.  Enjoy your ceremony and or reception on one of the three levels, all with stunning views and unique character.  

The room set up is the responsibility of the Chief Commanda and because of cruise schedules, set up is typically hours before the event and takedown is immediately afterwards.  

Davedi Club

The Davedi Club is a beautiful, large rectangular space with high ceilings and a drop tile ceiling allowing for a variety of decor options. Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, sheer ceiling canopies and crystal chandeliers illuminate your event.  Enjoy your ceremony and reception in the same room as your guests enjoy homemade appetizers and a cocktail from the bar throughout the room flip. 

The room set up is the responsibility of the Davedi Club and set up for decorations ranges on the earliest time for room availability. 

Ecology Centre

The industrial style ceiling with the warm feel of wooden walls, allow you to customize the Ecology Centre to suit your wedding style with your choice of Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, sheer ceiling panels and crystal chandeliers.

Couples are able to set up as early as the Saturday of the wedding and are able to reserve the space the evening beforehand to allow for additional time for setting up the decor.  Enjoy the scenery of Ontario's Samuel de Champlain Park from the view of floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows separating your indoor and outdoor, private space. 

The room layout and set up is the couple's responsibility and the open concept space and bright windows allow for a variety of room layout options.  

Elks Lodge

Customize your ceiling with your choice of Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, sheer ceiling canopies and crystal chandeliers. The drop ceilings allows you to be creative with the ceiling decor.  Enjoy the natural light from the large windows in each of the two spaces.

Room layout and set up is done by the Elks Lodge and allows for decoration set up as early as possible and typically requires take down immediately after the event unless you rent the room for the following day.  The room is available to be rented for the Sunday to allow for a longer and later time for take down.  

The Grande Event Centre

Immerse yourselves in the warm glow from crystal chandeliers at The Grande Event Centre.  The beauty of the ceiling and venue is customized from floor to ceiling and highlighting the characteristics of the room creates a unique atmosphere. 

Enjoy a winter wonderland experience with over 10,000 snowflakes hanging elegantly from your ceiling.  Illuminate with your choice of flood lights to customize your atmosphere.  

Your room layout and set up is the responsibility of The Grande Event Centre.  Decoration set up times are determined by room availability and will be coordinated with your Grande event Centre planner as well as your P2 Wedding designer. 

Hidden Valley

Create your custom ceiling decor with unlimited selection at Hidden Valley.  With high ceilings, large windows, and natural light, the beauty of Muskoka is a is included in your decor.  Your ceiling decorations can range from sheer white ceiling canopies, Edison bulbs, twinkle lights and crystal chandeliers.  

Room set up is the responsibility of hidden Valley and the decorations may be set up and taken down depending on room availability. 

Magnetawan  Community Centre

Enjoy endless possibilities for ceiling decor with the large space and drop tile ceiling at the Magnetawan Community Centre.  Choose from Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, sheer ceiling canopies or crystal chandeliers to compliment your wedding design and illuminate your wedding.  

Room set up is done by the Magnetawan Community Centre and the decoration set up is determined by the room availability.  

Contact Magnetawan CC.

Osprey Links

Enjoy the beauty of freshly manicured greens and the soft glow of twinkle lights during your evening ceremony and or dance at the Osprey Links Golf Course.  

With panoramic views and a covered outdoor area, Osprey is a stunning location for your wedding.  

Room set up is the responsibility of Osprey and the set up of the decorations is determined by room availability.  

Tent Wedding

Experience the magic of a tent wedding customized to your location, guest list and design.  Accent your tent with sheer ceiling swags, twinkle lights, Edison bulbs, crystal chandeliers and detailed accents.  

Tent weddings are customizable and room layout and set up typically is the responsibility of the couple.  All Shelter Sales and Rentals offer a wide range of tent styles, shapes, accessories to create your space and day.

A wedding planner to assist with your tent wedding is recommended to help with layout, set up, transitions and take down.   

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